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DLT, Blockchain, IOT, AI, Cybersecurity. How do new technologies impact the daily lives of end consumers and the business aspects of SMEs and large companies?

In a period of evolution and technological revolution – comparable to what happened in the 90s with the phenomenon of the WWW – before “doing” it is essential to increase the notional baggage and skills of human resources. ADAMANTIC helps companies to prepare new employees and managers to use new technologies, with strategic purposes and with the aim of maximizing results and profits.

Courses for Companies

ADAMANTIC offers training plans, lectures, masters and workshops – both generalist and specific – by industries or by functional area (HR, Legal Finance, Marketing, IT) in the DLT and Blockchain field, making use of its ecosystem of leading partners in the respective market segment. The training course is centered on the acquisition of horizontal and vertical skills from the perspective of all company functions, in order to internally design a Blockchain based production context, aimed at achieving specific objectives.

The training flow starts from an internal survey of the skills of each area and from a brainstorming phase, such as to customize the entire training course around the core business and the specific objectives that the client company aims to achieve.

During the course, case histories and best practices relevant in the reference market are analyzed, moments of notional learning survey are organized, assessment tables and real laboratories aimed at the development of POC or code, which will remain company assets.

ADAMANTIC is part of MOVE – Technological Innovation Pole.

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Courses for Individuals

ADAMANTIC participates in the Blockchain management training course of Ateneo Impresa – The Blockchain Management School. Discover the next edition.

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