The value chain for the traceability of Made in Italy

A new platform designed by Adamantic, aimed at End-to-End tracking, which aims to integrate supply chains and optimize data, with a 360° vision. Entirely customizable, A-Tracer integrates various functions and makes interactions between the various actors in the chain safe and simple, thus creating a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

Through the use of advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain and data analysis, A-Tracer offers real-time visibility, allowing companies to efficiently report and manage all production, logistics and distribution information.

Why Choose A-Tracer

Greater Efficiency
Precise, real-time control of each step in the production and distribution chain allows you to quickly identify any inefficiencies or problems and intervene promptly, make forecasts and optimize operations and decision-making strategies in a dynamic and controlled manner.
Fraud Protection
Imitating Italian agri-food products is a very widespread phenomenon, known as Italian Sounding. Recording every step of the manufacturing process in blockchain makes it very difficult for counterfeiters to insert falsified or altered products into the supply chain. Traceability helps maintain brand integrity.
Digital Empowerment of Businesses
Digital platforms can automate many business tasks and processes, reducing reliance on manual processes and increasing efficiency. It is essential to be the first to seize the wave of change, adapting to digital challenges to obtain a better competitive advantage.
Regulatory Compliance
The European Union is active in developing new rules and regulations to improve the traceability of supply chains and food safety. Constant monitoring and compliance with local and international regulations reduces legal risks, sanctions and regulatory violations.
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More Data More Value

Many companies focus most of their efforts on quality, often underestimating the importance of collecting data and adequately informing the final consumer. Describe your company, the origins of raw materials, the processing phases and certify that the data entered will remain unalterable; all of this is perceived as a great added value. A-Tracer allows you to do all this quickly, safely and directly from the shelf.



04 Steps

1. Cultivation
2. Production
3. Distribution
4. Traceability

La Filiera

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Technological innovation is increasingly impacting end-to-end traceability, bringing countless benefits to supply chains. Traceability is not a new practice, but we are adding a new element of complexity: the need to collaborate closely with the vast ecosystem of partners. Companies that don’t invest in this way risk being more vulnerable to supply chain disruptions and allegations about product safety or provenance.

In this, blockchain technology finds its best application; in all those cases where transparency, security and immutability of transactions is fundamental.

SOURCE: “Global State of Traceability”, Bain 2021


Companies around the world that have begun a technological and organizational improvement associated with traceability.


Business leaders who consider traceability very important for the development of their business.


Companies around the world that have long adopted traceability are acquiring value on a large scale

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