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DEVELOPMENT OF AN INNOVATIVE BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION SPECIFICALLY AIMED AT COMPANIES The competitive advantage of ADAMANTIC srl is linked to a highly technological know-how. The project is based on INNOVATIVE ADM technologies and an on-demand structure that makes the blockchain lighter and easier to verify. Our blockchain is based on 4 well-defined factors, the result of a careful study of the limits that notoriously afflict this technology. These factors are: – Scalability: The blockchain suffers from little scalability due to a "monolithic" structure. ADAMANTIC proposes a nature-based project by project, which makes the blockchain less "heavy" and easily verifiable. Thus, the entry points in the chain will be able to extend the transaction through the node to another specific peer, exponentially increasing the quality and speed of information collection. In this way, each node will have to retain only the information of the channels in which it has an operational role. – Privacy and conditions: potential users of this technology have complete security in the field of privacy and data accessibility. The blockchain will also have the ability to easily identify the jurisdictional and regional boundaries in which participants operate thanks to an ADM filtering feature. – Loss of private login credentials: it is a risk that keeps potential users from implementing the technology. Currently ADAMANTIC will provide each user with an access key that can only be activated by themselves. In addition, a new technology is being developed that will make the process of accessing the platform and the possible recovery of credentials more secure. – Specific objectives: if blockchains address different needs at the same time, the ADAMANTIC blockchain based on on-demand technology, will treat one project at a time retaining only the relevant information, which it has already recorded. Therefore, the advantage of ADAMANTIC is the resolution of the problems and limitations of the blockchain usually used, convincing even the most hesitant potential enterprises, using an easily scalable solution with a great reduction in costs. ADAMANTIC is working on two patents. The first concerns the loss and retrieval of private login credentials, the second the scalability and playback of the selective solution.
Brief of the project
ADAMANTIC is a start-up that deals with the development of enterprise blockchain services. Thanks to the ADM system technology created by ADAMANTIC, users can consult blockchain services securely and immediately from their computers or mobile devices without having to install third-party extensions and can verify the transactions of their interest on the blockchain. The project stems from the prototyping of skills and developments already subject to internal research and development in the period prior to this implementation and on which the ADM System project enriches the offer on the market.
Thanks to the technology of the ADM system, users can consult blockchain services securely and immediately from their computers or mobile devices without having to install third-party extensions and can verify the transactions of their interest on the blockchain. In addition, it is certain that those who use this service comply with local and international data protection regulations. This is a real revolution in data protection because, thanks to this blockchain service, the infrastructure protects data from specialized hardware miners. The Project is part of the category of digital creative industries identified in the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3). ADAMANTIC offers a blockchain service based on ADM system technology that enables data sharing in a secure, secure and fast manner in compliance with local and international data protection regulations. ADAMANTIC refers to Knowledge Intensive Industry (KIA) No.62 ("Programming, IT Consulting and Related Activities.") because it is a service that can provide a facility for secure and secure data sharing.
Thanks to the technology created by ADAMANTIC, you can consult and share information in a simple and secure way. The problems that ADAMANTIC solves for users are: Lack of systems to easily share documents Lack of systems that certify the veracity and inviolability of documents Lack of a blockchain system that can be easily integrated with existing mobile devices. The solution to these problems is ADAMANTIC which, thanks to its innovative ADM system technology, and the system of easy integration with existing mobile devices, solves the problem of document sharing, inviolability and veracity of documents and easy and immediate integration. Today the blockchain market is still a niche with an estimated value of around 400 million euros, this is because there is no specific solution to overcome the high barriers to entry into the market. (Source: STATISTA). In addition, according to the latest IDC research, "Worldwide and US blockchain services market forecast: 2017-2021" should grow investments from 1.8 billion dollars in 2018 to 8.1 billion in 2021, thanks to the use of specialized companies, system integrators and application developers, at a growth rate of 80% per year. This figure also confirms the fact that in 2013 Blockchain venture capital investments worldwide amounted to 95 million dollars and in 2015 they already amounted to about 392.86 million dollars. ADAMANTIC's business model is part of a rapidly expanding and very profitable market, making substantial changes that improve blockchain technology. It should be emphasized that the services of ADAMANTIC have no impact in terms of pollution, on the contrary, their application counteracts the environmental impact.
Disbursement granted
The funding led to approve and then grant a total of €20,000.00 (twenty thousand/00 euros) under the heading: Art. 22 Aid to Enterprises in the Start-up Phase REG EU 651 2014"