IoT Solution

Completed projects

Smart Contract processing data from IoT
Collection and notarization of data from IoT sensors installed on food bottle caps. The purpose is to count the usage of a single bottle, and issue rewards to users who prefer to recycle instead of using disposable bottles.
IoT instant insurance
MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development for tracking in Blockchain luggage through dedicated IoT. The objective of the PoC is to establish connectivity between specific devices in order to notarize the information sent by the IoT itself and manage it via Mobile App. The project is part of an experiment that is bringing to the fore new products called "Instant Insurance"
Stroller sharing
Implementation of an innovative IoT solution for stroller sharing. The solution involves the development of a web management system and a multi-session mobile application for each individual user connected to one or more strollers, equipped with dynamo charging and solar panels.
Bike sharing platform
Multichannel bike sharing platform and related mobile app for managing all rental-related activities. Fleet management, geolocation, application of marketing packages related to vehicle usage and rewards.

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