Completed projects

Marketplace whit coins
The project saw a first phase of feasibility study which led to the identification of both the best technical architecture and the fiscal and legal analysis of the business model. The multivendor MarketPlace was then implemented for the sale of goods and services with transaction certification and internal minting on user wallets in Blockchain. Transactions were also certified via Mobile App.
Commercial market
Creation of a MarketPlace Portal with Blockchain certification of the transactions for the sale of goods and services in the B2B field, with currency in Euro; discounts and incentives calculated on multiple discount currencies attributable to different coins of internal currency. The project also included the development of a special Payment Management System integrated with the Market Place Multivendor Platform.
“KYC” on Blockchain
Platform for the management of KYC procedures. The development involved the implementation of tools able to recognize and analyze all the necessary information for the verification of personal data of users who intend to be register on the Portal. The goal of the project is to certify the users data before they are registered on the platform. The procedure assigns a unique certification key to the data certified on the blockchain. Realization and development on HyperLedger Fabric - Stark DataChain.
Physical asset and property rights management platform
Logistics asset management platform with tracking and ownership transfer on blockchain. Implementation of a B2B Web Portal, certification of data and economic transaction relating to the marketplace orders, registered on the EOS blockchain
Crypto Payments
Payment platform with cryptocurrency that can be integrated into e-commerce and third-party payment solutions. The objective of the platform, in the first phase, is to support the process of selling goods and services online through cryptocurrencies. In the initial phase, the currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, MATIC (Polygon) and USD Coin were integrated. The Platform supports two payment methods: Online and Offline, allowing through a QR-Code both payments from web platforms (eg: e-commerce) and physical payments at the seller's shop (eg: physical store ). A dedicated section to the Administrator allows the customization of the platform parameters. While among the features dedicated to Vendor users there is a "managed crypto wallet" which also allows operators without a wallet (and without particular skills related to the crypto world) to operating safety using a vault (safe) with advanced security criteria. This vault can be moved by the owner who will be able to merge the funds into his wallet whenever he wants.

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