Business areas

Use cases and best pratices

Adamantic has consolidated references in blockchain technology, on various project verticalizations with customized solutions for enterprise. For each sector Adamantic tries to identify the peculiarities of the technology in the best possible way, always remaining focused on the objectives set and the market challenges.

Here are some of the main verticalizations that Adamantic has carried out with competence and innovative vision.


Supply Chain

Operational and economic process, aimed at the production, distribution and marketing of products.
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The Blockchain is able to automate and track contracts, transactions and millions of data, in a distributed way, while ensuring the immutability of the ledger, transparency and traceability.
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IoT Solution

The integration between blockchain certification and sensors has enabled new innovative solutions that have led to an evolution of traditional models towards a wider target of users.
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Using the Blockchain you get a reduction in third-party involvement, more security, speed and ease in transactions, immediate access to information, reward programs etc.
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Media & Entertainment

Disintermediation, protected intellectual property, ease and security in payments are just some of the advantages brought by Blockchain in this area.
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Automation, savings, fast and secure processes make blockchain marketplaces much more complex, secure and competitive.
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Blockchain puts the patient at the center of everything. It offers an alternative that can manage data in a secure, decentralized and immutable way.
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Real estate

Authenticate and track transactions in real time without third parties, automate all the steps of a lease or sale contract, make real estate transactions more efficient and transparent.
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The use of blockchain in the insurance area guarantees transparency and speed at all stages of the process, from data acquisition to contracts to payment management.
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Unique certificates that represent a specific asset, making it digitally unique and non-cloneable. They base their characteristics on the basic concepts of the blockchain, ensuring that they remain unchanged over time.
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