Based in Rome since 2017, we work to make the adoption of blockchain technology easy and fast in every business context. The blockchain will revolutionize the way we handle every data transaction. Adamantic is ready to provide solutions to all businesses and citizens.


The fields of application are countless, but not infinite. We study the right solution for your business. We also support you in the continuous developments that the market requires, with targeted evolutive maintenance.


We apply our blockchain expertise for our customers, by analyzing market verticalizations, carrying out feasibility studies, and preparing and executing development projects based on the currently available blockchain technologies.


For Customers who need legal and tax investigation, we can recommend highly qualified professionals from our Network, who can offer a 360° expertise in fields such as IT law, ICOs, STOs, and digital currency.


We are proud to host a permanent working group that aims to define and implement the best architecture for information management and exchange, using blockchain technology.


Technology is our passion. We deal not only with Blockchain, but also with Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and IoT

The Blockchain solution for a cooperative and secure enterprise ecosystem

ADAMANTIC is able to follow all the phases of a software project. Starting from the analysis of the Customer’s requirements, we proceed with a careful feasibility study, including scouting of the best applicable technologies. We continue with a careful functional and technical analysis of the development project, an accurate planning, implementation and testing of the solution and finally, if required, an evolutionary maintenance and support.

Companies choosing this new technology will find several advantages, such as inviolability of the system, transparency, responsibility avoidance, perennial data persistence and cost saving through process speed-up and simplification.

Adamantic staff can leverage their 20 years of expertise in the ICT field with all major enterprise-level technologies. The ability to conduct R&D on frontier technologies, such as IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain, boost us with passion and determination to innovate the enterprise market.

Internal research has led to a new Blockchain solution called STARK Data Chain, provided to Companies as a starter to activate Blockchain processes (data certification and digital asset management) without the need for highly skilled IT staff, but rather employing skills already available on the market.  

NFT - Non fungible Token


Have you heard about it? 

NFT is a digital certificate distributed in blockchain, that certifies the authenticity, originality, uniqueness of the ownership of an intangible asset. ADAMANTIC can help you to evaluate, create and structure your idea, also providing the advice of legal and tax experts.  

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Product Spotlight

The solution for Companies: Stark Data Chain
The problems that hold back the adoption of the blockchain are different, but we have the right key. Stark Data Chain, a blockchian-as-service that will  connectyou to the future.  
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Blockchain allows to exchange valuable information and digital resources in a trustworthy way – for example currencies, identity information, property titles – without the involvement of centralized transactions management structures – like banks, government agencies – Using blockchain technology, fraud and hacking can be eliminated, while storing transactional  history in a transparent and secure way.
Blockchain could revolutionise several business sectors, including:
Supply Chain Management
Blockchain can track any transaction of a physical asset, as long as it is assigned a blockchain token. This means that the location and any transfer of ownership can be traced from origin to end in a verified, time-stamped and transparent way. A blockchain supply chain would increase trust between different parties along the chain, since it would open the supply chain to auditing and inspection. It is especially convenient for globalised supply chains, because funds can be transferred around the world without traditional bank involvement.
Blockchain technology increases transparency and could assist insurance companies by improving risk estimations. Blockchain could also simplify operations by digitising and storing information on asset ownership. This could reduce the time to complete a transfer of insurance cover to new owners and make paper documentation superfluous.
Blockchain applications could transform the heavily regulated energy industry, by enabling both utilities and consumers to produce and sell electricity. Blockchain could record financial and operational transactions cheaply and reliably, without a central point of authority. It could also support secure, distributed power grids based on Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Smart home appliances, such as smart plugs or smart meters, could continuously search for the best offer.
Financial Services
Blockchain technologies enable currency transfers to bypass middlemen like banks and payment services. Blockchains are also perfect for trading goods and services, through contractual obligations identified in smart contracts.
Institutions and Governments
Institutions and government organisations could also benefit greatly from blockchain applications relating to electronic health records, government documents, voting systems and tax payments.

The term ‘utopia’ is often the most convenient way to dismiss what you don’t want, aren’t able or haven’t got the courage to do. A dream remains a dream until you start working on it. Then it can become something infinitely bigger

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