What We Do

We Create your Future!


Staff at Adamantic come from the best technology schools and are always eager to invest their time learning and mastering new skills and to apply cutting-edge technologies to solve our Customers’ problems. Our experience comes from the Enterprise field, where we designed, built, and maintained all kinds of software for medium-to-large Companies. Leveraging blockchain potential requires skilled technologists like the ones you can find at Adamantic.
Besides blockchain and distributed ledgers, we also speak IoT, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Integration.


The blockchain scenario is relatively young, technologies are still maturing, and many of them are not production-ready yet. We know that new architectural solutions are needed to take full advantage of distributed ledgers, and are working with academic partners to build tomorrow’s DLT architecture: it will be able to scale to a massive number of participants, while taking into account the throughput and latency requirements of most IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. One of the results of our R&D activity is our new product, Stark Data Chain.


Using blockchain technology is not always required, and is sometimes counterproductive. Therefore, we carefully analyze the requirements to¬†identify the best solution to our Customer’s problem.
We cover all aspects of the problem and its solution: business viability, technical feasibility, legal compliance, project and product sustainability, budget and time optimization.


We operate in several scenarios where legal aspects have to be carefully considered, as the legal basis is still under construction in most countries. EU and International laws do not forgive ignorance.¬†Therefore we partner with the best legal advisors, who are able to follow our Customers throughout the project’s lifespan, from its inception to its day-to-day operation. Using our services, you will be able to access legal expertise at a convenient rate, thanks to our partnership agreements.


We have been following Enterprise projects for many years, and have gained the necessary expertise to follow our Customers from the very beginning of a project’s life span to the very end of it. You can find more about our methodology here