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Ateneo Impresa 2020

June 2020. Our CEO joins the teachers of the “Master Lab in Blockchain Technology and Management” of Ateneo Impresa.

University Federico II

January 2020. An interesting panel on “Innovation” with italian and international guests.

Maker Faire Rome 2019

October 2019. We partecipeted at the new edition, in partnership with Alan Advantage.

Garmin Health Summit - Amsterdam 2019

September 2019. two 2 days of talks and panel discussions with Corporate Wellness, Population Health and Patient Monitoring Industry.

Fiera del Levante - Bari 2019

September 2019. We are invited at the CONFASSOCIAZIONI and ITALIA4BLOCKCHAIN event.

StartupGrind - Teramo

August 2019. Fireside chats about blockchain, its market verticalisations and Stark Data Chain.

Golden Group Event - Bologna

July 2019. A great event on future and new technological development.

Politecnico- Milano

June 2019. Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory.

Blockchain week Rome

June 2019. First Edition of Blockchain Week in Rome.

Infrachain Meetup - Luxembourg

March 2018. Infrachain Meetup in Luxembourg.

Maker Faire 2018 - Rome

October 2018. Maker Faire -Europe Edition.

Blockchain Forum Italia - Milan

November 2018. The first italian fair in the blockchain sector.

ST- Microelectornics - Naples

November 2018. ST- Microelectronics. NeaPolis Innovation Technology Day 2018

Eu Delegation to China

December 2018. Yantai & Kunming, People’s Republic of China. EU Delegation (International Urban Cooperation).

ASSINTEL – 21 January 2021

Remote networking meetings. Italian companies partecipate with the aim of increasing the exchange and the connection between the partecipating companies. ADAMANTIC on air January 21.


Camera di Commercio italo-svizzera

ADAMANTIC , on 11 february 2021 at 5 pm, will partecipate at the workshop “Blockchain for Business”

Speaker: Pierpaolo FoderàCEO ADAMANTIC

More info: here


Our CEO Pierpaolo Foderà will partecipate at the next MASTER LAB in Blockchain Technology & Management” of Ateneo Impresa, as a teacher.

Stay tuned!


University Federico II- January 2020

ADAMANTIC partecipated at the workshop that will take place Tuesday 21/01 h 9.30 – 12.30 in Aula Azzurra, Monte Sant’Angelo (NA)

Panel discussion:

“Inspire innovation in dynamic competitive contexts

Speaker: Domenico BarraCTO ADAMANTIC

ADM Christmas Party ’19

A great moment to celebrate this long and intense year together.

Come see more



Camera dei Deputati- October ’19

ADAMANTIC was invited at the talk at

“The digital energy revolution and the blockchain”

A huge opportunity to share Knowledge and intentions in key sectors for the future of our Country.

Maker Faire 2019 – Rome

On 19/20 October, ADAMANTIC was at the Maker Faire in partnership with ALAN ADVANTAGE, having an interesting speech on ” Blockchain for enterprise”. 

Saturday 19 – h 11.30 and Sunday 20 – h 14.00

Alan Advantage TALK
c/o Maker Fair Roma 18-20 ottobre 2019
Padiglione: 7 – Discover – Aerospace, EdTech, Science
Stand: 7.D24 – 7.D25 – 7.D26



Blockchain Forum Italia – Ottobre ’19

Tuesday 29 October we were at the second edition of the Blockchain Forum Italia for an interesting debate on the future of the blockchain technology. Speaker: Pierpaolo Foderà

Garmin Health Summit ’19- Amsterdam

On 19/20 September, ADAMANTIC and our Partner HELTHIA will take part at the 2 days of talks and panel discussions with Corporate Wellness, Population Health and Patient Monitoring Industry.  The 2019 event will feature panel discussions, networking opportunities with digital health industry leaders from all over the world.


Fiera del Levante – Bari ’19

Friday 20 September 2019 we were invited at the CONFASSOCIAZIONI and ITALIA4BLOCKCHAIN event.

” Blockchain: Opportunities for PA, Industry and Finance” workshop. 

Here you can find the presentation list:

Startup Grind – Teramo ’19

On Saturday 3rd August, at the Polifunctional Hall of Municipality of Corropoli, our CEO Pierpaolo Foderà gave a speech on blockchain and its market verticalisations. He will present our product realized ad hoc for companies: Stark Data Chain. Event in collaboration with Google for startups.

More info here.



Blockchain Week Rome ’19

Adamantic visited the first edition of the BLockchain Week in Rome. So many interesting debate on the future of this technology and its applications.


Golden Group event ’19

July 2019. We were in Bologna, at the event promoted by Golden Group on Blockchain and future prospects for companies and business.

Politecnico di Milano

 In June 2019 we have been selected and invited to relate our company history at the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory in Milan. Our CEO Pierpaolo Foderà illustrated Adamantic’s flagship product: Stark Data Chain.

Università degli Studi di Salerno ’19

We participated in a lesson of the Master’s Degree course ” Startup and development of the innovative enterprise” by Prof. Roberto Parente, to tell about our experience as Innovative Startup. Our CEO Pierpaolo Foderà told the students of the department DISA-MIS, Corporate Sciences-Management & Innovation Systems how Adamantic was born and what are our main projects and goals.


China Delegation in Rome – IUC ’18

In the framework of the European project IUC Asia International Urban Cooperation, and following the exploratory mission in China in November 2018 and the High Level Forum on Policy Coopertion in Brussels on the 9th of April, a round table on the topics of Smart City and Innovation was organized on the 12th of April by the Open City IOT Smart Lab of Rome.



We participated in the December 2018 edition, looking for young and talented people from the academic world to help us with the scientific component of the research activity. We are still looking for new talents, if you are interested, take a look here.



EU Delegation to China – IUC 2018

Adamantic was part of the official EU delegation to China within the Internation Urban Cooperation project, together with six other start-ups selected amongst many participants to showcase Italian and European innovation to Chinese institutions and investors. A memorandum of understanding was signed between Chinese and Italian authorities to deepen cooperation and to establish an Italy-China technology park. MOre information here

NeaPolis Innovation Technology Day ’18

Adamantic was invited at the Technology Day 2018 of the NeaPolis Innovation program, organized by ST Microelectronics in November. It was an exciting day, we met many innovators and cool start-ups.

Blockchain Forum Italia 2018

Adamantic participated in the first edition of the Blockchain Forum in Milan, in November 2018. Our product, Stark Data Chain, was introduced to a large audience and gained a lot of attention for solving several of the current blockchain issues for the enterprise. Important business and technological partnerships were established with blockchain operators participating in the event.

Maker-Faire 2018 – Europe Edition

Adamantic participated in the Maker-Faire 2018 – Europe Edition in Rome. Adamantic’s new product, Stark Data Chain, was launched, and several technological partnerships were established throughout the event.

Infrachain Meetup 2018

In March 2018,  Adamantic took part in the Infrachain Meetup in Luxembourg.
Both the Infrachain association and the European Commission local group were present.
Adamantic presented a few issues with current blockchain implementations when applied to the Enterprise, along with a few suggestions for their solution.


A short presentation to illustrate who we are and what we do

Interview to our CTO, Domenico Barra, at the Maiker Faire 2018 – Europe Edition event.  A brief presentation of our company and our abilities.

Interview at the Blockchain Forum Italia event. An interesting talk about blockchain, bitcoin and the developement of this new paradigm.

Event for Startup Grind Teramo & Provincia, sponsored by Google, with a topic of absolute relevance. A training Brunch, among the speakers of international level our CTO Pierpaolo Foderà. Blockchain technologies have been discussed; from Bitcoin to the new forms of Digital Certification

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