Castro project


POR FESR - Castro; one city, many Stories


The project was born from the collaboration of two companies: The Cooperative Sociale Zoe and Adamantic S.r.l. St and involves the realization of a virtual tour that connects the exhibits on display in the Archaeological Museum of Ischia di Castro with the sites located within the Archaeological Park of the Ancient City of Castro. The Park has some important Etruscan tombs, such as the Tomb of the Biga, and the remains of Castro, capital of the Farnese and razed to the ground in 1646.Through a PWA the visitor/tourist can visit the Park and the Museum led by a character, with whom he can dialogue and interact. The itinerary will be in ‘senior’ and ‘young’ version. It will be made with the contribution of the host boys of the family home, and the character in this case will be a young archaeologist. Inside the Museum a selection of exhibits will come together and lead us to visit the Park virtually and physically. In addition to the 3 itineraries, 5 episodes will be created: the characters of the different eras will entertain the visitor with stories, anecdotes and curiosities. Through the Chatbox the characters will be able to answer the visitor’s questions. The tour will be enriched by 3D videos, 360° photos, photos, additional texts, drone video footage, plastics, MP3 and LIS.In addition, a multimedia room with touch screen will be set up inside the Museum through which to access the tour, and with a plastic that rebuilds the City of Castro.


Connect the Museum and the Park using new technologies in order to enhance the cultural and environmental heritage of the territory.Create a tool to promote the territory and reach a wider number of targets: tourists, cruise cross-country skiers from the nearby Port of Civitavecchia, schools, enthusiasts. Make visible through 3D and plastic the palaces and streets of the City of Castro. Create an inclusive product for all visitors, with particular focus to people suffering from sensory deficits.


Creation of a virtual tour through the creation of a PWA. Communication activities and promotion of the project. Collaboration with the children of the group home for the realization of the ‘young’ section itinerary. Realization of a 3D model of the City of Castro. Creation of a multimedia room in the Museum. Production of texts, LIS and audio for the use of subjects with sensory deficits.

Financial support received

Total project amount: 249,991.61

Public funding: 199,993.28