ADAMANTIC has always had the primary purpose of adapting technology to the needs of companies in the best possible way.  
This approach allowed to use the Blockchain technology paradigm more and more successfully, focusing on the specific
needs of companies, mainly on security.

Cyber Security in the starting point of every new project and blockchain technology ensures the inviolability of data and automation in total transparency. Any company who wants to innovate cannot ignore the safety problem. For this reason, ADAMANTIC collaborated for a long time with active and competent subjects in the fields of IT security for business. The convergence of intent has let to an autonomous project, which today represents the best offer for all companies that need blockchain and cyber security solutions and services.

BLOCS – Innovation builders was created with the aim of matching the best ADAMANTIC skills in the technological innovation sector with the best skills of ATON IT in the security sector. A new commercial proposal, launched by two companies, leaders in their respective sectors. 

Today we are glad to present this new company, expressing a synergistic union of our characteristic skills. 


Pierpaolo Foderà – CEO

Domenico Barra – CTO