Today, Blockchain has been cleared by the initial nature of “new technology”, having proved its solidity and having achieved ALL the goals for which it has been conceived and implemented in the Bitcoin environment. The current context see the Blockchain evolving as new world paradigm in the management of communications because it actually solves all limits from previous architectures.

Most current Blockchain implementations present peculiar points that limit the widespread availability and its use in the business world. On these issues ADAMANTIC is at work through the research and development of its own implementation, expressly based on companies and business processes.

There is a lot of excitement today on this issue by companies that see an opportunity to set new architectures fully networked on Blockchain, with advantages such as security and speed in the management of bureaucracy. IT experts organize in-depth sessions to discuss the use of the new paradigm to replace old architectures. Technological futurists sail towards innovative concepts of peer data transmission as a perfect realization of the needs of the global network.

The blockchain is now all of this, and above all, it is what there is to write and develop on a magical white book of which has just been written just the title.

Domenico Barra – CTO