In recent years the world of fintech has undergone great changes in order to become a credible actor for the exchange of value and investments of high economic volumes. New “currencies” such as Bitcoin have gained more and more credibility until they have an effective role in the world of global finance. This sudden evolution rests its foundations on two solid pillars: the first is the actual need for a dynamic tool and secure exchange values ​​that can easily turn into local currency; the second pillar is technological, even if at the moment it is already overcoming this definition, becoming more and more a new paradigm of flow management. We are talking about what is commonly called the “Chain of Blocks” or Blockchain. The basic idea is brilliant: make a visible and trackable process by all participants in the network to make it possible to compare the data of all “par inter pares”. Finally, we no longer need intermediaries in transactions with the role of certifying or guarantors, no longer need to delegate a bank, it is not necessary to wait for the bureaucracy related to solvency or credit checks of the subjects and it is no longer necessary to bear that risk that – even if variable depending on the case – it is always present for currency exchanges with unknown subjects.

Pierpaolo Foderà – CEO